Written Coursework #3: Literature Review

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Written Coursework #3: Literature Review

 The objective is to produce a literature review report. It involves developing skills like critical paper reading and writing up the literature review.

 The report must not exceed 6 sides of A4 including references.

Suggested report structure:

1. Title. Short, informative title.

2. Introduction. A short section providing motivation, the overall aim and any specific objectives for the literature review undertaken.

3. Background. You may want to provide here any background information relevant/required for the review in the next section.

4. Main part of the report. This should contain the review itself including analyses/discussion on pros and cons of collected references or approaches, together with the identification of any potential limitations and/or gaps. Links between the major references analyzed should also be established here, together with relevant classification(s). If possible, you may also want to illustrate some of the main discussion points on one or more example(s).

5. Summary and Conclusion. Summarize briefly the work presented in the report, draw the main conclusions and provide future work recommendations based on your findings/opinion.

6. References. Provide the list of references cited in the report. Remember that each reference listed here must be cited at least once somewhere in the report text. (Also, if a reference is cited somewhere in the text, it must appear in this list too.

The assessment will be based on the following:

1. Content: this will be based on the critical review itself, i.e. on the discussion(s)/comments made, including identified pros/cons of analysed pieces of work, potential knowledge gaps identified, links identified, classifications and future work recommendations made.

2. Presentation: This will be based on general presentation and the use of references, figures, tables, equations, etc.

Written Coursework Marking Structure

Since as a marker you cannot be expected to be knowledgeable about all the topics chosen by students submitting paper/literature reviews, you are not expected to assess the review from the standpoint of an expert in those topics; rather it should be assessed against general criteria, as follows:

Written Coursework #3: Literature Review

1. Has the topic been clearly defined and introduced? [10 marks]

2. Have a reasonable number of sources been reviewed (neither too many nor too few), and do they all seem to be appropriate to the topic? (At least eight sources should be reviewed, and probably not more than a dozen — depending on the topic.) [15 marks]

3. Have the sources been critically analysed (as opposed to merely reported), and compared? [25 marks]

4. Is there a good overall summary of the conclusions from the review? [20 marks]

5. Is the document well-structured and well presented, with sectioning, figures, tables, equations as appropriate to the subject matter, and is the standard of writing adequate? (N.B.: Non-native speakers of English should not be penalized heavily for language errors unless these are so numerous as to seriously interfere with the intelligibility of the review.) [20 marks]

6. Is the referencing complete and in a consistent style, with everything cited in the text included in the bibliography, and everything listed in the bibliography cited in the text? [10 marks]

7. Is the review within the stipulated length limit — neither too long nor too short? (It is required to be no more than 6 pages of A4; anything less than 4 pages is too short.) [Drop 5 marks for each page that it exceeds 6 pages, or for each page that it falls short of 4 pages.]

Intro + summary /30

Structure + critical comments /45

Referencing + style + length /25