write 6 essays related to media theory (each of essay need 1-2 pages)

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There are SIX ESSAY topic as below, you need complete each of them!!

Each of essay length should be 1-2 pages! Write essay question or label essay number on the header! Times New Roman (12 font). Normal (1 inch margins apply.)

Essay 1

Discuss what we know about the addictive properties of sexually explicit materials? What processes are involved? What are the effects of such media content for some individuals? How does cognitive theory explain those? How does the content of the Oprah WInfrey Show featuring Kirk Franklin and his wife address the issue pornography addiction illustrate these processes? What was the most significant thing you learned from this discussion. (transcript linked from the notes) Be specific.

Essay #2

Discuss the Medium Theory and the work of Marshal McLuhan. What are the key tenets of his theories? Why are his ideas more widely accepted today than they were in the 1970s and 1980s? Explain how Nicholas Carr and other recent authors employ medium theory in the expression of their concerns.

Essay 3

Explain how meaning construction theories, MSDT or fast and slow thinking might explain the campaign strategies of Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton during the campaign for president. How might these theories explain the voters’ responses to them as well? Be specific. Be sure to discuss elements of the theory and how each are exemplified by these campaigns.

Essay 4

Explain how cognitive theory has offered explanations in to media addiction, particularly video game or screen addiction? What are the potential effects for children and young adults?

Essay 5

What is the difference between Critical and Cultural theories of communication? Provide examples of each and explain why these approaches become so popular among communications scholars in the last two decades? Why are they particularly significant to communication scholarship in a digital age?

Essay 6

Discuss ELM theory as it applies to persuasion. What other theory shares concepts with ELM? Why?