Theories behind the purposes of education, approaches to curriculum and instruction, and beliefs about the role of evaluation and other educational issues have changed over the decades, and can be traced to particular philosophical orientations.

In approximately 1000 words:

  • Briefly note and comment on any transition from one philosophic trend to another throughout the history of education in the U.S.
  • Drawing upon the six different educational theories: perennialism, progressivism, behaviorism, essentialism, existentialism, and social reconstructionism, articulate your philosophy of education in regards to: the purpose of education, curriculum & instruction, the role of the teacher and student, classroom management, and evaluation. Explain how and/or why you believe what you do, and cite the theories and philosophies that align with your views.
  • Review and use the articles of Webb and Schubert as a resource for this paper which uploaded with this.