I don’t feel I have as great of an understanding in the architecture of enterprise systems,
but I might have an example that relates to this thread. I worked for a large trucking company for a few years
and this company was just beginning to move into a internet based system of doing pay in 2013. Prior to this new system of pay the managers
at each of the 400 locations had to manually input mileage and pay into a spread sheet and then email the spreadsheet to the
pay center and the driver would get paid. Once the newer internet based pay system was introduced it worked flawlessly as long as the managers
laptop was running the newest version of windows, the newest version of Excel was used and there was a fairly good internet connection at the
satellite locations where the manager was located. I mean what could go wrong with 400 managers at 400 different locations using various versions
of Microsoft and Excel and one IT department that was located? Needless to say the first few months of using the new
pay system was a disaster and the company had to revamp it’s entire pay system to fix the issues that across in the first few months.