Theoretical Foundations of Students Development

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Submit Chalk & Wire Assignment: Research Paper (7899)

The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical foundations of student development, especially as the theories relate to the student-athlete subgroup. By utilizing your research of 3–4 of the student development theories listed below, and your annotations throughout the course, write an 8–10 page paper (including title page and references) examining these theories. Use proper APA style for title page, in text and reference page.

The theories are listed below for your reference:

  • Validation Theory—Rendon
  • Transition Theory—Schlossberg
  • Role Identity—Chickering & Reisser
  • Student Involvement—Astin
  • Student Retention—Tinto

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.