400-600 Words

When looking at the life span for the development of an application or system from the initial idea proposal through final deployment, there are several phases to accomplish. Several models examine the required phases along with tools to support each phase.

Investigate the library and Internet for information about system development life cycle (SDLC) and 2 other models, such as rapid application development (RAD), object-oriented, prototyping, data-centered, joint application development (JAD), or agile development.

  • Compare and contrast SDLC and 2 other development models (give a brief description of the approach, cover the phases, and highlight the strengths and weaknesses).
  • Based on your research, which model will you use for your project in this class (an employee emergency contact system), and why?
  • Is a hybrid or the use of a combination of models more appealing to you, and why?