Steps on buying a new home in USA

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You will submit a proposal and a final report for term paper.

Format – Handwritten proposals/reports are not acceptable. Use 11pts font/1.5 line spacing. If you use MS Word, use the Calibri font. Do not include irrelevant pictures to decorate the paper.

IMPORTANT: You must cite all references properly in the main text and attach the list of references. Follow the APA citation format. ( search/documents/apa.pdf )

.(a) Topic: • Steps on buying a new home
 in USA

.Term paper 1: You will write a short guide book or a reference on a topic related to one of the areas shown below. It is also acceptable if the paper is written in the encyclopedia or wikipedia article style. Slight modifications of the given topics are allowed.

. Proposal: You should submit a one-page proposal giving the list of things you will cover in the topic of your choice from the list below. Please find the attached example of the proposal style. It should look like the table of contents of textbooks.

.Final report: The proposal will be the cover page of the final report. Put section titles in each section following the proposal. Max 15 pages including tables and figures. The paper is evaluated by the usefulness of the topic to your classmates and the depth of the material.


Put the Title of the Term Paper Here (the proposal must be one-page)

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1. Introduction (change this title to what you want)

2. A section name you want

(a) (a sub-section title)

(b) (a sub-section title)

3. Another section if you want

(a) (More subsections if you want)

4. Conclusion (rename this to what you want)