Remember, scholarly work should be fully based on research and analysis. Scholarly writing requires a different set of standards than other types of writing. In scholarly writing, you will want to avoid bias, incorporate evidence, and create a strong argument. Scholarly writing requires concise, precise, and clear language. Every declaration that you make in your paper should be supported by a scholarly citation. Try mixing up the sentences that you author with a combination of simple sentences, complex sentences and compound-complex sentences. If you use one type of sentence structure over and over, it becomes difficult for the reader to follow. Don’t forget to cite your text!There are many resources in your book that can be used to support your work.

For reference it will be great if you use the book

Steiner, J., & Steiner, G. (2012). Business, government, and society: A managerial perspective (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Companies, Inc.