Sourcing Top Talent Review, management homework help

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Read the opening vignette, “Sourcing Top Talent at McAfee”

Sourcing Top Talent at McAfee

Global security technology company McAfee focuses on hiring smart, committed employees. Due in part to increased competition from other employers, McAfee has begun to find it expensive and difficult to engage and recruit the top talent in its pipelines. Although it has been able to generate high quality leads from known experts in the field, past employees, and other sources, it has had trouble keeping them engaged in McAfee and interested in pursuing job opportunities when they become available. McAfee asks for your advice about how to build an engaged community of high potential talent from which to effectively source future hires. After reading this chapter, you should have some good ideas to share with the company.

Assess the following in 100 to 150 words: Please include 1 reference.

  • Determine three metrics that McAfee should use to evaluate the effectiveness of its talent community in sourcing top talent.