Regardless of your EC major, imagine you were going into the social work profession. First, describe what field of social work you would want to go into and why you chose this field. Then discuss what this job would be like, where you would work, what you would do, etc. You can use your textbook or find information online.

Brief Example: I want to go into school social work because I want to work in education and with children. I would like to work in an elementary school setting. As a school social worker, I would create IEPs for special needs students, lead group sessions that focus on social-emotional learning, etc.

Field of Social Work Examples (you don’t have to choose from this list):

– Aging

– Alcohol and Substance Abuse

– Child Welfare (protective services, foster care, adoption)

– Community/Neighborhood work

– Corrections/Criminal Justice

– Disabilities (Physical and Mental)

– Family Services

– Income Maintenance

– Medical and Healthcare

– Mental Health and Illness

– Occupational/Industrial Social Work

– Schools

– Youth Services