Using at least 200 words, please respond to the following post that is pertaining to the most compelling topics of Security Management:

Hello, everyone!

I must say that I am somewhat saddened that this class is coming to an end. I had the best time with all you guys! The amount of knowledge, individual experiences, and feed-back we provided to each other, was an incredible fountain of knowledge! Amazing…! Thank you so much for all the great thoughts and ideas!

Speaking of this course in Security Management, I should say that I am surprised by what goes into detailed management and requirements of a security job. One of our discussion boards asked us to convey positive or negative perceptions of this profession. I mentioned then that I felt, there are good as well as bad security companies out there (Horner, S. 2017). I feel that it is the “I want my piece of the pie”-companies, that tend to cut the corners and just try to make that dollar, therefore giving the rest of the profession a bad name. Having said this, I must state that I am rather impressed by what this profession can be capable of, if used in a proper and diligent manner.

The different avenues that will employ a security company, will call for different specialty capabilities therein. During my research for our multitude of individual projects, I realized, just how savvy this profession and companies thereof, have be in today’s business world. As security companies are usually privatized organizations, they are called part of the “pro-profit” businesses in our society. This means, that someone of the company (usually the owner, CEO, or a member of the assigned marketing staff, depending on the size of the company), will have to travel to different businesses who are seeking private protection, evaluate the premises, and “pitch” a plan to hopefully be considered for the job, this venue seeks. It further means, that there are interviews being held, an assessment of expectations of the prospective future employer, as well as assessment of noted needs for security and budgeting for the job thereof. A pro-profit business relies on getting contracts, (preferably long-term), to maintain its employees and business agendas. A profit to pay taxes, employees, business expenses, and so forth, should be maintained to stay successful.

Professor Herchek was kind enough to share some of the requirements and everyday tasks involved in running your own security business. By his own account, he mentioned having to travel (expense), meet with clientele (expense), and the multitude of tax payments he must contend with quarterly (Herchek, G. 2017) owning his own security company. Security (or private security as our classroom states), is just that: private and therefore, must be treated as a business venue as opposed to a public safety entity. Although public safety and government will employ this aspect of business, it is paid by the clients of each individual security company, as opposed to mainly by tax dollars and government funds within. As such, it is vital to keep a good repour with clients and creating a good name for the security company, to ensure a continuous flow of income by providing services to a company’s needs.

If we were to reflect on our individual projects in our class room, we should see the research we conducted in investigating standards, requirements for education and training, as well as conduct of prospective employees to be hired. This requires a tremendous budget to succeed and come up with the most valuable assets (employees of a security company), to maintain success, integrity, and ethics in this business. I had chosen the largest shopping venue for my IP’s required in our class. As such, I was somewhat “blown away” by the entities security capabilities and requirements. The entity I had chosen, houses their own training facility in conjunction with local law enforcement, holds its own K-9 units, Special Teams, Tactical Teams, armed guards, etc. Absolutely astonishing, if you think about it. …

If I take anything away from this class, I must state that I am impressed with the diverseness and capabilities private security can hold. From different avenues of business to aiding in government in the “Homeland Security” aspect, one should be proud to hold this profession and perform to the best of ethical, educated, and trained capabilities to ensure a standard of conduct and aid in the prevention of crime, terrorism, and a multitude of other situations such as surveillance and technological aspects thereof.

I loved this class and all the ideas everyone shared. The feed-back was an incredible tool to consider revisions in IP’s for me. I wish, as many times stated, I would have had time to talk to everyone in our discussion boards. So many great ideas and thoughts were shared! Thank you all for your input. I always said that one’s actual work and personal experience can be a wonderful learning tool. You guys are an amazing bunch of diverse folks that I feel privileged to have been able to share a class room with.

I wish you well and remarkable success with your future studies!