Please read the instruction:

Complete your revision plans in MyReviewers by the due date and time. Login to MyReviewers, and click “Revision Plans” in the taskbar.

Below are some guidelines you might consider as you write your revision plan. I will read your Revision Plan when I grade your Final Draft.

Summary: Summarize the content of all your reviews, both from your peers and from me. Discuss the issues that were mentioned by most of your reviewers, or issues mentioned by only one reviewer. Notice any trends that appear in your feedback.

Analysis: Discuss the comments you found helpful or not helpful, and why you found them helpful/not helpful. Notice whether comments seemed out-of-place. Determine whose advice you are planning to use in your revision, as well as whose advice you may not use.

Revision Plan: State your goals for revision. Identify three main issues that you plan to address when you revise. Do not include issues like spelling, grammar, or proofreading in this section

see the file and read the the feed back that the student write (three pictures) and write.