Please make sure that each part of this assignment is addressed…Absolutely no PLAGIARISM!!! I have attached the articles but please also use another academic source for both parts and attach free links to each one. Must include in-text citations, as well as references at the end…

Two part small-assignment, please separate each one of these…

Part 1-After reading the article, “Embracing Confusion”, answer the following questions (Article attached):

oIs embracing confusion a barrier to the management function of planning, as discussed in your lectures and readings this week? Why or why not?

Use at least one example of “confusion” that you are either personally knowledgeable of or have read/heard about in the business news to support your answer.

This is part 2-please separate this one from the other one…

Part 2-The article “The Quest for Resilience” lists four challenges (Article Attached)

  • the cognitive challenge of eliminating denial, nostalgia, and arrogance
  • the strategic challenge of learning how to create a wealth of small tactical experiments
  • the political challenge of reallocating financial and human resources to where they can earn the best returns

4.and the ideological challenge of learning that strategic renewal is as important as optimization.

It then provides a detailed explanation of how each corresponding challenge can be addressed (Conquering Denial, Embracing Paradox, Liberating Resources and Valuing Variety).

Using that framework, select the one which you feel is your organization’s most critical challenge to address. Why did you select this one? Be sure to include significant background to provide a detailed picture of the situation that supports your position. (I work for a college, so please relate this to that.)