Read case and answer questipns

Business Finance

i will upload the case and list the question below. Read the case and answer questions. Paper is to be no more than two pages and no less than one and halp pages in length, singlespaced with oneinch margins all around and 12 point Times New Roman font. The question are:

1) What do you understand by the term “sustainability”?

2) Should a business consider sustainability as part of its overall strategy or should it be treated simply as an environmental, a compliance with legal regulations, or a public relations matter? Please explain why or why not.

3) How would you integrate and implement a sustainability initiative as part of the overall strategy?

4) Should Narinex hire a CSO? If “Yes” should it be a full time position at the top management level or should it be the CEO’s responsibility? If “No” why not?

And I also will upload the textbook.Please take a look before start the paper.