Project Four Community Relations Plan


Project Four: Community Relations Plan

Assess parental/community involvement in the school using interviews or focus groups with administrative staff,

teachers, parents, and community members. Use the interviews/focus groups to determine current levels of

parent/community involvement, strengths and weaknesses of existing partnerships, and ways to improve and

expand these partnerships. Develop a new or revise an existing community relations plan based on the results

of interviews/focus groups. Include the following in the plan:

1. Results from parental and community involvement assessment, including qualitative and/or quantitative


2. List of existing partnerships at the school. Include a description of the partnership (e.g., parent program,

business, or non-profit organization); its role with the school and services it provides; contact information;

and how the partnership supports the school vision, mission, and goals.

3. Three goals related to increasing parent and community involvement in the school

4. At least one strategy to increase parent and community involvement for each goal including, specific

strategies, timelines, resources needed, and roles and responsibilities for implementation with appropriate

use of public funds and resources. (4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 6.2)