predict interview

Business Finance

predict an interview whit someone who is working in Human Resource. you would ask questions and he would be answering these question.

it should be 3 pages.

here are 30 possible questions to ask:(you can use some other questions) (no plagiarism)

1. Tell me about the career path that led you to your job. [Caveat: Try to glean information from Linked in or the company website and ask a more specific question, like, I understand you’re from Des Moines and you worked in sales there. How did you wind up working in advertising in New York?]

2. Tell me about your job. What are the core components?

3. What did you do yesterday?

4. What experiences best prepared you for your job?

5. Tell me what happens in various divisions of your agency, like the client side, the finance side, the media buying side, the creative side.

6. Who depends on you?

7. Whom do you depend on?

8. What do the people who work for you do?

9. What do you like most about your job?

10. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

11. What kind of problems do you face on a day-to-day basis?

12. What’s it like to work for this particular company?

13. What makes it distinct from the rest of the advertising world?

14. How does the future look in your field?

15. What are some of the long-term trends in your business?

16. What’s a typical career path in this business?

17. What city should I live in if I want to pursue this profession?

18. What’s a typical entry-level title?

19. In your organization when you’re getting ready to hire, in what position do people usually enter?

20. What’s your hiring process like?

21. Where do you see your career going from here?

22. Where do you see this industry going?

23. Do you hire interns?

24. Whom would I talk to about the internship program?

25. Who is the best person you’ve had in the internship program?

26. What skill set is your business looking for?

27. What would you recommend I study in college to best prepare me for this field?

28. What would be good internship experiences I should consider? Should I try to work in a small or large agency?

29. What type of work samples or portfolio should I be trying to develop as I try to move into this career?

30. Who else would you recommend I talk to (mention who else you’ve talked to in the field)?