Part 1 Week 3, Option #2: Outline of Risk Management Planning Process, management homework help

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Option #2: Outline of Risk Management Planning Process

The Project Management Institute (Project Management Institute, 2013) defines the Risk Management planning process as:

  1. Risk Management Planning
  2. Risk Identification
  3. Qualitative Risk Management
  4. Quantitative Risk Management
  5. Risk Response Development
  6. Risk Monitoring and Control

In the option 2 Portfolio Project, you will write a paper detailing the entire Risk Management Planning Process. You will include discussion and analysis of terms learned throughout this course. Your paper should describe each phase, how it is planned, and any inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs that can be applied. The final project should demonstrate your critical thinking abilities, knowledge of risk management systems and the ability to apply risk management practices and tools.

This week, Module 3, you will submit an outline of your final Portfolio Project paper.

Your outline should meet the following requirements: