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Please read ALL of these instructions carefully. I’ll have papers in the drop box

Develop a comprehensive 6-8 page paper summarizing the results of your first two papers and then make at least three substantive recommendations on how to prevent or disrupt your selected group from attacking the United States homeland.

Use the Organizational Profile (Red Cell paper) you prepared for your Midterm Assignment and combine it with the Progress Assignment you prepared about collecting and analyzing on that group (making all necessary changes based on instructor feedback) and melding them both into one seamless research paper that adds a new section to address your specific recommendations to counter your selected terrorist organization planning an attack here in the homeland. Make sure your recommendations are focused only on the homeland as this is not a foreign policy or international relations course. The recommendations need to be something new or enacting a policy or procedure that is not already in place (do not just list organizations that exist or describe how we already protect the homeland). Be original or cite ideas from others on how to adapt or reform how intelligence can better support homeland descurity here domestically to stop your hypothetical attack. Also, make sure your recommendations also address a role for state and local agencies (as we discussed in week 4). The focus of this paper is to discuss how intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security officials from all three levels of government can prevent or disrupt this attack here in the U.S. (not overseas) by clearly specifying your original recommendations of measures to stop or interdict the terrorists here at home before the attack occurs. Employ all that you have learned about intelligence to support Homeland Security and feel free to express your own opinions when making recommendations for Homeland Security intelligence. Just listing what the government already does to collect and analyze and conduct law enforcement on the terrorism threat to the Homeland is not sufficient — make some original or even controversial proposals if you like. You can recommend a change to policy, procedure or an organizational change to how the IC (or an individual agency) supports the homeland which directly contributes to stopping a terrorist attack. Feel free to make radical proposals or even changes to existing laws, but do not make proposals that are unconstitutional.

Your paper needs to clearly identify your three homeland security intelligence and law enforcement recommendations at the end of your paper before your conclusions, and include specific section headings for each recommendation with the short title for each recommendation.

Recommendation #1: Your idea to improve homeland security (domestic) intelligence and law enforcement to specifically stop this attack; only what you think should be done at home — DO NOT make overseas recommendations.

Recommendation #2: Make sure at least one recommendation includes a role for the all-important state and local agencies.

Recommendation #3: Make sure your ideas are original and something you think the government can do better — not status quo or what we are already doing. Again, all three must be domestic focused and not recommendations for abroad.

Note on the three paper assignment series: This final assignment combines all that you wrote in the first two papers (they build on each other) for a total of 6-8 FULL pages of content (not including title and reference pages). In addition to information about the terrorist group (midterm paper) and how to collect and analyze on them (2nd paper), for this third and final paper you want to include at least three recommendations you would provide to a Homeland Security policy maker on how to counter your selected organization. So, the final paper is not 6-8 pages of completely new writing. The final paper integrates what you wrote for the midterm assignment in week 3 (summarize that first 5-7 page midterm paper with 1-2 pages of content in this final paper), then add information from the progress assignment on collecting and analyzing on them (summarize that second 5-7 page progress paper with 1-2 more pages of content in this final paper as well), making sure to improve that writing based on my feedback. Then add new information where you are making at least three recommendations (3-4 pages of new material) that you would provide to a Homeland Security policy maker on how to specifically counter the group’s attack on the U.S. homeland. So the first 2-4 pages of the final paper will summarize your first two papers, and then the last 3-4 pages or so address your recommendations and summarize the whole paper. 6 full pages of content is the minimum for this final paper, but do not exceed 10.

Note: You must use only the APA style (in-text parenthetical) format for citations and reference list [no endnotes or footnotes are allowed] in all HLSS owned courses. The APUS library has many useful documents, videos and guides on how to research, write and cite for college level papers. See I have also attached an example paper to the midterm assignment instructions that you should use as a template for your papers in this course. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Focus your paper on answering the assigned topic and each of the associated elements. This assignment is a research paper, not an opinion paper, so you need to cite scholarly sources to support your thesis. Make sure you use APA style in-text parenthetical citations at the end of every sentence where you are quoting or paraphrasing another’s ideas (or any information) that is not your own thoughts and words, like this (Bergen, 2015, para 14). I highly recommend you use the APUS writing guide based on the APA style which can be found in the university library or at this link: APUS Style Guide for APA. You are welcome to use supplementary sources to compliment the assigned readings based upon your research, but make sure you use scholarly and credible sources. See the APUS Library Homeland Security Program Guide for good sources, as well as the APUS Research Primer and the APUS Library Research FAQs. For formatting, the best option is to use the example papers provided with the midterm and progress paper instructions as a template (for formatting purposes only).


– Written according to the APA style and format;

– Use Times New Roman 12 point font;

– 1 inch margins on all sides with no paragraph indentation other than the first line by .5 inches

– Double space all text (no extra lines or spaces after a paragraph or section headings and no added font sizes or lines either)

– A respectable number of credible resources used, cited in the paper as in-text citations, and included on the reference page. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content (at least 12 scholarly references for this 6 page paper). Use those sources provided to you throughout the