Network and Server Upgrades: Reasons for the upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6


Scenario: This organization has an IPv4-based infrastructure using a Windows 2008 server-based structure. There is a generic shared drive that has turned into a “virtual dumping ground” for files used across departments. Accounting department users do not have access to sales department folders, so this shared folder is the solution for cross-department collaboration. There are many important files that cannot be deleted, but this shared drive is causing a problem.

Based on the above scenario, write an executive summary describing the issues of concern for the organization related to the upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6. Your executive summary should include:

1. Reasons for the upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6

2. The cost associated with the upgrade

3. The complexity of the migration process (i.e., how it will impact organizational productivity)

4. How the organization will handle legacy systems that are not compatible with IPv6.

Your well-written executive summary must be 2-3 pages in length and conform to the APA writings. Include at least three scholarly references.