LRRK2 Kinase Activity


Paper on (LRRK2).

– the paper may not be correct ,and can suggest and explanation


In fig 3the authors provide evidence suggesting that the role of LRRK2 is to impair neurotransmitter release(NTrelease). Is this statement True or False? Support in 300words

Question 2

Describe in a couple of sentences the role of synapsin in NT release;Based on your description, how would you explain the results in fig 3A:Is the addition of IN-1 INCREASING orDECREASING the availability of Synaptic vesicles for release?Assuming the increase/decrease is mediated via synapsin, how would LRRK2 induce the increase/decrease of NT release(does it activate Synapsin’s function or inactivatesit)?(300wordsmax)

Question 3

Describe in your own words the principle of the method that produced the results in fig 2A.What was the hypothesis the authors tried to prove?(300wordsmax)

Question 4

In fig 8 the authors propose a model where inhibition of LRRK2 results in release of SV’s from the actin cytoskeleton. Do the results in fig4c support this hypothesis?Explain brieflywhy.(300words max)