1)Discussion board , Are Juvenile Offenders Rational?

Choice theories suggest that crime is a choice and that the more severe, certain, and swift the punishment, the more likely it is to control crime. It is based on deterrence theory which holds that if criminals are indeed rational, punishment that is swift, certain and severe could convince potential criminals that crime is not worthwhile.
Review the materials regarding Classical Criminology. Based on choice theories, what are some factors that impact juvenile decision making? Do you agree with criminologists who suggest that the way to reduce juvenile crime (and impact decision making) is to invoke tougher penalties for juveniles? Would tougher penalties deter juvenile offenders from committing crime? Are juveniles rational?

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Discussion Board Topic: Can Eating Tomatoes turn Kids into Criminals?

Eating tomatoes ‘turns kids into criminals’ article summarizes the study that claims that one explanation for crime may be found on our dinner plates. The premise is that the brain needs the right fuel to function properly – otherwise it will misbehave. Can one’s diet be an explanation for disruptive, perhaps even criminal, behavior? If so, what are some policies to be considered to improve diet and ultimately behavior? Should sugar be removed from schools? Or is it something else that may be indirectly connected to diet?

argue that biological factors CANNOT be an explanation of disruptive or even criminal behavior.

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