IS Data Management

Business Finance

1. Why is Telemedicine one of the fastest growing sectors in health care technology ? (must be 150 word include reference).

2. Think about an organization : US MILITARY . Identify an expert in this organization you are familiar with and associated with that individual, describe the following:

  1. What tacit knowledge do they have?
  2. What explicit knowledge do they have related to their jobs and where can this knowledge be found?
  3. What benefits can be derived from capturing their tacit knowledge and making it explicit?
  4. What problems could occur in capturing their tacit knowledge?
  5. Can you offer suggestions on how to capture their tacit knowledge?

(Must be 250 words include reference)

3.Will Finance Teams Still Exist in 2025? (Elaborate in 150 word include reference)…

4. Do you believe sending targeted advertising information to a computer using cookies is objectionable? Why or why not? Use the 3 normative theories of business ethics to analyze the ethical issues surrounding this situation. (Must be 250 words include reference / in-text citation)