Intro to Sociology Discussion 2 Response


Based on your work that you already gave me, I need to answer to one classmate. here is an example…

I appreciate that you shared an experience from work. I think most of us can relate to workplace groupthink as we see ourselves in lesser positions to those above us. I think this makes it difficult to be willing to talk to our bosses because we are intimidated by their status even if they are a relatively nice person. I agree that if someone had spoken to the new owners about the breaks/lunch that they might have been willing to keep things the same or possibly compromise on it. They might have allowed people to still choose when their break was as long as they were notified somehow that you were going to be gone for however long the break is. At my own job, this is how we do things. I just have to let my boss know that I’m going on break and am then allowed to go whenever I choose. I also think that the new owners might have even appreciated the input as they were new and probably didn’t fully understand the way things went before they joined. It was probably a stressful situation for them as well as they didn’t know the employees yet.