Insider Trading at the Galleon Group case 12 |


Case 12, “Insider Trading at the Galleon Group,” beginning on page 517-524.Your answers should total one to two paragraphs for each question.Each paragraph should contain three to five complex sentences.Describe the events that led to the accusations of insider trading at Galleon.What could regulators, investors, and executives do to reduce the practices of information gathering described in this case?What are the implications of sharing confidential material information? How does this affect your decision to invest in the stock market?Do you believe the secret investigation and conviction of those in the Galleon network will deter other fund managers and investors from sharing non-public information? Why or why not?What lessons can be learned from the Galleon case?My book is Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases; 10th ed, by O.C. Ferrell, J. Fraedrich, and L. Ferrell, 2015.


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