For this reading reflection you should find a group of two or three. You each will do an individual Reading Reflection with the same format as before. The addition to this activity is you will then share with your group members your papers collaboratively, assemble a group consensus on which of each group members learning points were most important (you are focusing even more at this point and refining), which Quiz Questions are written the best and establish meaning and then a group essay question with answer.

There is no in class time to converse with your group members so you should learn to develop online SKYPE skills, set up a google docs or a Dropbox share folder or however you design it to work for your group. You will rotate group lead each week so one person isn’t doing all the collation of learning points, QQsand Essay questions every week.

This reading reflection will begin at Chapter 7 (starting Principle 1: Base Management Decisions on Long Term….. in the Toyota Way Book)

The individual RRs will be due here and I will open an assignment link for the group Reflection in another assignment.

The individual RRs are due on Sunday nights at Midnight and the TA (Team Assignment) reflections will be due on Mondays at Midnight. Those are the deadlines, you will have plenty of time during the week to make this happen.