I chose a target molecule that I chose from an Original molecule.


Target molecule is attached and Original Molecule is attached within its own Article so it helps you start from there.

This assignment is the first stage of the proposal writing process you will do over the next few weeks. This is probably the most intensive and difficult step of the process. In this stage you will provide a statement of relevance (literature background), target molecule, and comprehensive annotated bibliography for your proposed molecule. In this section your goal is to highlight your molecule’s importance and relevance to the literature.

The statement of relevance should contain the following key aspects in a sufficient level of detail, but not be limited to:

  • a big picture analysis of the relevance of your system in the context of the biological/medicinal/biochemical literature.
    • Pressing questions still unanswered from the biochemical, biological perspective
  • Biomimetic previous approaches to solving some of these pressing questions. This is where you give context to how biomimetic complexes have helped develop answers for this system.
  • Proposed compound and description as to how this particular structure you chose will help answer key questions about your system. Here you have to be specific about the structural properties proposed and the potential for this compound to help answer the pressing questions proposed earlier. this step requires that you read a lot of literature, synthesize it, and justify the importance of your work.

this stage will be graded using a SPECIFICATIONS based four-point rubric using the criteria below

D Level• Paper is turned in on time and contains all three major components: a. Statement of relevance (literature background) max four pages but no minimum as long as you cover the basics page. b. Target molecule: Clear diagrams indicating the target molecule using professional drawing tools. Structure is chemically sound. c. A SEPARATE DOCUMENT where you must describe the process you have followed to write their submission. d. Comprehensive annotated bibliography. Contains at least 2 paragraphs describing the relevance of the paper, attaches (to student folder) ALL annotated papers. The total number of references of this stage and stage 2 must equal 20 minimum. A D level needs at least 5 references.

C Level (D level +…)a. Statement of relevance is written mostly in student’s own words. Potential contributions to the literature are stated at a basic level and could be interpreted as ambiguous. Details are missing. b. Target molecule diagram is exceptional and demonstrates key features of the target compound. There is no ambiguity about target. c. Bibliography was extensively researched and ALL citations are PROPERLY annotated for their potential contribution to the paper and to the overall synthetic project. An additional 5 references are added.

B Level (C level +…)a. Student has clearly written this work in their own words and shows an appropriate dominance of the background literature. Contributions to the literature are stated with a medium level of sophistication. No ambiguity from the writing.

A level (B level +…)a) The writing reflects a deep level of understanding of the background literature. It shows a high level of sophistication with the understanding of the topic. Relevance and importance of the work engages the reader and justifies the work’s ability to be published.