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Hello, Please read the attached Capstone Paper & create 2 Appendices Pages:


  • Purpose: Includes resources identified in the report that are too large for inclusion in the body of the paper.
  • Include exhibits here that are too large to include in the body of your paper (i.e., graphs, tables, charts, figures, long listings, outlines, as well as project outcomes such as guidelines, policies, procedures, and so forth. As a rule of thumb, place any item greater than one-third of a page in size in an appendix and include a reference to the alphabetized appendices in your paper.
  • Insert some of the exhibits into the paper, the reference to the appendix item may be written as follows: See Appendix A.
  • Do not include raw data from surveys, interview transcripts, annual reports, brochures, and so forth, although excerpts or summaries can be included here.

Sources to use:………………