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This is a forum question between students that needs a reply to with at least 180 words. I would like for you to use your own words. If not please cite-in-text with reference

I have worked in retail as well as call center industries while some may think it is the same because they are both customer service related in reality the metrics, expectations, and control processes varied greatly not only from one company to another, but from one job type to the other. In retail the control processes look more at providing the customer with what they need and ensuring they have a pleasant face to face experience. Metrics are more so based on sales being able to have a customer add on additional products during a purchase or even having them make a commitment to come back. In the over the phone jobs I had control was based on accurate information being provided to callers as well as first call resolution and the metrics were more geared towards being able to provide this support in a timely manner. Thoughts or reply?