Family Diversity Paper: A Better Life Analysis


Reflection Paper on a Film on Family

This assignment involves watching a popular movie and writing a paper (2-3 page paper). You have four options for your assignment (Options A – D). The local library is a great resource and will have many of these movies, as well as Netflix and/or other online sources.

Option A: Family Diversity Paper

Choose from following two movies: A Better Life (2011, PG-13) and Diary of a Single Mother (2009, NR). Both films demonstrate how day-to-day family life is impacted by cultural and social structural factors. The paper should include the following sections:

1. Who are the main characters in the movie?

2. Where does the family live?

3. How would you describe the family’s socioeconomic status? What specific events or facts from the film led you to this conclusion?

4. Describe the work life of the major adults in the film.

5. How does the person’s social class influence their ability to parent?

6. For “A Better Life,” how does the father’s status as an undocumented immigrant impact his life and the life of his son?

7. For “The Diary of a Single Mom,” how does gender shape the experiences of the parents in the movie?

8. How is “family” understood in each film?