Fallacy Group Presentation Guidelines


Please review the guidelines and grading criteria for the Fallacy Presentation (worth a total of 30 points) very carefully as early in the week as possible. Note that 5 points of extra credit will be awarded to the student who takes on the leadership role and creates the Google Slides presentation template for your group, updates Slide #1, and posts the “Editable” link for other students to begin collaboration in the discussion area by replying to this thread. In addition to reviewing the guidelines below, there is a sample student presentation available in PDF form just to give you an idea of the ways to organize your slides.

By Wednesday

You must post, introducing yourself, and you must come up with an example (real or hypothetical) of your fallacy. You can use the one you came up with for Critical Response #3. You must post the example by Wednesday so students have time to give you feedback and receive feedback from you. Throughout the week, you should make sure you’ve responded to each of your group member’s posts in enough time for them to make any edits to their own example or slide.

By Sunday

The Google Slides presentation is due, but I highly recommend you complete it earlier than that so no one is waiting around for your information.