Explain quality assurance and contract compliance, ass

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ASSIGNMENT: Explain quality assurance and contract compliance issues as it relates to technology, social media, e-learning and m-learning. E-learning refers to using technology to support teaching and learning.

M-learning is a subset of e-learning and it refers to teaching and learning that take place in a mobile environment and provides for an environment that is device agnostic focusing on a device preferred by the user (whether handheld devices such as tablets and smart phones but also smart TVs, for example). M-learning is learning that can take place any time/anywhere and on the device of choice of the user.

Consider how these new technologies are impacting how people and organizations learn and improve quality and compliance with the laws and regulations. Consider how training has changed with technology.


The good thing about E-learning, it is always changing with new technology being made or updating. Almost every type of businesses are going this direction due to keep everyone “head in the game”. Just like civilian companies the military is relaying on the use of e-learning tools so that it will keep people updated with their working skills.

The advancement of technology in E-learning goes further to M-learning. My example on M-learning is when dealing with a new hire, that person need to complete all necessary HR requirements, long with any other requirements that will get this person up to speed or at the same level as the other members on the team. The ability to incorporate mobile devisees for training or learning a new individual can do this training anywhere he/she wants to. No more Death by Power Point!

The article Half-Life Curves in Defenses Acquisition Lifecycle revealed some very import incites fullness that could be used in just about anything. One point is the forgetting function into learning. There are people who work at the same jobs for years, their rate of forgetting should be lower than a person who just starting the job. I will use myself as an example. After coming back from R&R it feels like I have to start over due to our high tempo of work. By the end of my rotation end I am in full swing of things. My interruption to my learning curve are travel (jet lag), 40 plus days off, and other people on rotation and having different person on the team to adjust to. Since I was never good in math, I will not show my learning “cliff” or s-curve; I will just say most of the time it a flat lines!


Badiru, A. B. (2012). Half-life learning curves in the defense acquisition life cycle. Defense AR Journal, 19(3), 283


E-learning and M-learning can be and are very useful tools when it comes to keeping the user or person learning up to date on current trends and learning how to use new technologies. These learning platforms give a quick and easy access to masses of information that can be needed to continue the growth of a company. Having access to shorter learning platforms such as online courses, computer based training programs and learning apps can be the access a company can need to succeed in the ever growing technology sector. Degrading knowledge can diminish the usefulness of an employee who isn’t striving to continuously grow and learn through alternate means of schooling.

The issue that I have with e-learning or m-learning is the fact that most people have varying ways of learning. Be it through auditory, visual, hands on, etc.… but e-learning is just now being able to catch up to the fact that just showing information to people on a screen doesn’t help everyone. In the Air Force we rely too heavily on computer based training for annual certifications where for me I need to actually do something to actually learn it. The newest versions of the software you can see they are beginning to be more interactive with the user and this can bridge some of that learning gap but definitely not all of it.

I believe that using e-learning tools can be very useful in the business world were technology and laws can change very quickly in response to the outside world. These technologies and platforms must be monitored to make sure that they are up to date and growing to meet the users’ needs and learning styles.