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          Various professional tours have       
        a licensing fee which prohibits local resorts from participating in their marketing efforts    
       led to a decline in the sports tourism segment of the industry    
       provided an opportunity to obtain great exposure for the resort and its facilities    
       a local focus when setting up their tours    



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            A recent trend in resorts is       
        a reduction in the need for “rest and relaxation” resorts    
       outsourcing all but customer service jobs    
       selling off rooms as time share investments    
       “new skills” resorts which provide instruction for customers to learn a new skill    



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            Physical seasonality factors which impact tourism do NOT include       



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            Companies go through five stages of corporate social responsibility. These stages are       
        defensive, complacent, managerial, corporate, and strategic    
       defensive, complacent, managerial, corporate, and civil    
       defensive, compliance, managerial, strategic, and civil    
       defensive, compliance, managerial, strategic, and complacent    



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            There are three levels of political governance. These levels are       
        national, regional, and local    
       national, state, and local    
       international, national, and state    
       international, national, and local    



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            Which of the following is NOT a requirement of successful market segmentation?       



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            There is little overlap in the areas of governance between national, state, and local officials.       



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            When a resort has clear title and absolute ownership of its  land, it is no longer restricted in its development by various  government laws and regulations.       



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            Resorts can be used as modern agents of change and encourage employment, growth, and confidence when       
        they are located on public land like national parks    
       the local residents enthusiastically support the resort    
       government policies and financing has aided resort development    
       there is enough capitalization at the start of the development    



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            Differential pricing is a common strategy which applies the economic rules of supply and demand.       

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