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I voted for “Traditional Work Groups” . I opted to vote this way because historically this is considered a “functioning team”. I have sat on many of these teams over the last 21 years. This work group is extremely important because it allows individuals to come together and see the companies vision/mission for what it is.  This group takes in depth look at the way the current processes of a company are functioning, and whether they need to revised or if they should remain in place. What I have found over the years that makes this group of individuals so important is the fact that, it is made of representatives from various departments. In my case it was Finance Reps, Registration Reps, Nurse Practitioners, and Operation Managers. We sat together, looked at how were functioning in accordance with the hospital, how far off we were, or what we needed to do to stay on the right track. When the Author from the required reading said ” “work should be structured, for individual jobs with internal forms of control such as enriched jobs” (Cummings P.399).  This statement is absolutely true, because with enriched jobs the employee are impassioned to conquer tasks and challenges. When the tasks increase, and the employees put for the effort, then eventually the pay will increase. This is a cycle, however it can be lucrative one for the organization and the employee .

Our required reading show us that with self-management teams “Tasks design generally follows from the teams mission and goals that define the major purpose of the team and provide direction for task achievement” (Cummings P.389). This point is poignant one to say the least because, work groups are not intended to implement individual agendas, however it is set aside to push the goals of the department/organization. When the missions and goals of an organization are adhered to it makes the process very clear, and gives a little more push to meet the established goals. Self-Management Teams are often apart of high involvement plans because according to the required reading “Self-Managed teams also should have the ability to counsel members and to facilitate communicating among them (Cummings p.391). Self-Management teams are sensitive in nature, they must adhere (strictly) to company policy, and they must be developed enough to speak respectfully, and appropriately to coworkers as they “push” each other toward the finish line. Whenever there is a breakdown in communication, the self-management team is charged with getting everyone back on track, and laser focused so that purpose can be fulfilled. In Conclusion, we see in our required reading “Self-Management Teams also, teams represent the work design of 2000s because high levels of technical uncertainty and interdependence are prevalent in today’s workplaces and because today’s workers often have high growth and social needs” (Cummings P.398). This idea in and of itself provides us with insight as to why Self-Management teams are dedicated to high level issues. Their minds have been developed to assess, diagnose,and repair issue that many who have an antiquated way of thinking may not be able to appropriately handle.


Thomas G. Cummings and Christopher G. Worley, Organization Development & Change, Tenth Edition© 2015, 2009 Cengage Learning.

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