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Action research is, fundamentally, a problem-solving technique that may be applied to a wide variety issues and problems across professions. Action research seeks to improve organizational performance through reflective and, often, collaborative analysis of outcomes. Like many reflective processes, action research is a cyclical and iterative process aimed at continuous improvement.

In this Discussion, you formulate your own working definition of action research and consider to whom or what, specifically, it might be applied. What are the potential challenges or benefits of this type of research compared to other types you have explored in the course so far?

To Prepare

Reread the assigned pages from Chapter 10 of your course text on Participatory Action Research.

By Day 3

Post your own definition of action research and a description of 2–3 examples of human and social services scenarios to which it might be applied. Be specific. For each scenario, explain potential challenges to or benefits of implementing action research in that setting.

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