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You have taken steps to identify the risks in your community, identify the actions that the community has taken to address those risks, and prepare some priority issues to address in risk management. Now, this work will be combined to create a portfolio package. You should prepare this portfolio package as if you were going to an interview panel and interviewing for a position as the community’s chief resiliency officer. The chief resiliency officer is equal to the other department heads in the organization and reports directly to the chief executive such as the city manager or county administrator. 

You have flexibility in how you organize the portfolio package. However, the components that make up your portfolio package should include corrections and updates that you made based on integrating the feedback provided by your professor about your previous assignments.

You have the option to submit your portfolio package as multiple files or as a single file

Your portfolio package will include the elements listed below. 

  • Include an executive summary that introduces the portfolio package and highlights the priority focuses for risk management and hazard mitigation that you have identified. Your executive summary should include an overview of the current activities in disaster risk reduction and risk management that are being used in your community and your new action plan that provides a snapshot of how you would frame or change the risk management activities of the office, should you get the chief resiliency officer position.
  • Your portfolio package will also include your revised and updated assignments from Units II, IV, VI, and VII. You should update them as needed to address the feedback provided by your instructor. Specifically, make certain to include the following elements: 
    • Unit II Article Critique: Incorporate your article critique discussing an emergency support function issue for today’s first responders. 
    • Unit IV Research Paper: This section should contain the research and evaluation of your local hazard mitigation plan. 
    • Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation: Include your presentation, which focused on the evaluation of your community’s hazard mitigation plan. 
    • Unit VII Scholarly Activity: Include your briefing memo. 

APA Style should be followed.

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