I have an Excel assignment due my the end of the day. I have attached the assignment from my book in order labeled Hospital_1, Hospital_2, and so forth. There is also an Excel data chart that is needed for the assignment that is titled” Patients” that I have attached as well. Here are the instructions…

Complete the following Lesson 7 assignment with the modifications listed.

  1. Complete the Chapter 5 Practice Exercise 2: “Suburbia Regional Hospital” on pages 386-389. Complete Steps A-M.
    • Step M: Add your name, MEID, and course section number in the footer.
    • Save your file as “Hospital_MEID.xlsx.” Note: Where indicated, replace “MEID” with your MEID number.
  2. Place the following Excel file in a folder labeled “Lesson7_File.”
    • Hospital_MEID.xlsx