Emergency Scenario Outline

Business Finance

Complete a 400 word outline on what your role would be for the Incident management/establishment portion of the below scenario. The assignment can be in bullet point format and provide a general overview of your approach to the assignment and determined responsibilities. This should expand upon your role during this incident (initial outline is attached).


Overview: The North River flows south through the City of Mertzvile. This river flows through the entire town. This includes flowing past an industrial business park where several manufacturing plants and wherehouses store various dangerous chemicals and much of the cities food storage, and the cities vibrant downtown riverfront district, which includes, shopping, restaurants, and condominiums. This severe flooding has caused the North River to displace all businesses within one block of the river and some residences in the downtown riverfront area. The North River has not flooded in over 100 years and this event was unplanned. Your learning team assignment requires a response plan to the flooded area along with the coordination and implementation of a disaster response.