Email on Barrier to Listening and Reducing Anxiety


To complete your third e-mail assignment, you will first need to read the chapters titled “Understanding and Reducing Anxiety” and “Improving Your Listening Skills”. Once you’ve done this, please briefly answer these two questions.

  1. Identify one ‘barrier to listening’ that you feel has hindered you in the past. Give a brief example of how this happened.
  2. Identify one of the tactics suggested to reduce anxiety that may be of particular value to you in the future. Briefly explain how you might effectively utilize this tactic.

As always:

  • Send this as an original e-mail; do not reply to one I have previously sent.
  • Include the course number and section in the subject line (i.e. MGMT 516-12 e-Mail Assignment).
  • Be sure to include an appropriate greeting, an introductory statement announcing the content of the e-mail, and a signature line with two means of contacting you.
  • Follow the previously stated e-mail guidelines.