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Business Finance


Planning for the future and deciding on a direction for an agency can be affected by unexpected changes in the internal and external environment. Natural or man-made disasters, political climate, and economic conditions can affect the best-laid plans. In his 1979 book, Strategic Planning: What Every Manager Must Know, George Steiner says, “Planning deals with the futurity of current decisions … Forward planning requires that choices be made among possible events in the future, but decisions made in their light can be made only in the present” (pp. 13–15).

In your main post: Please use APA format, APA in text citations, and must be 250 words or more.

  • Explain what George Steiner’s statement means to you.
  • Determine the implications of failure to engage in forward planning using a specific criminal justice setting as a point of reference.
  • Lay out three best practices for forward planning in a criminal justice context.

Steiner, G. A. (1979). Strategic management: What every manager must know. New York, NY: The Free Press.