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Problem :A business manager of a cemetery factory has expressed his intention to purchase a desalination unit to produce water desalting facilities  . he requests to his staff to prepare the tender specification of this unit . the factory is localized in inland , a source of brackish water is available with a salinity of 10 g/L . the feed volume flow rate will be 1.5 m3/day . the concentration of the permeate does not exceed a 0.5 g/L . zero liquid discharge presents his ultimatum condition . in agreement with these requirement , you are requested to suggest two options with drawing , performance and economic comparison .OPTION (1) : 1ST STAGERO BATCH MODE (RR=80% ) +2d STAGE SOLAR POND (20 % ) , SIZING. DESIGNOPTION (2 ) : 1ST STAGE ED (RR=90% ) +2d STAGE SOLAR POND (10% )  ,SIZING DESIGN.ENERGY ?AREA ?REJECT VOLUME FLOW RATE ?FINAL CONCENTRATION?COST ?


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