Criminology discussion questions


Provide your answer under each question, I do not need a paper, please be clear and to the point (no fluff). keep it under a 100 word for each.

1. (50 – 100 word) Title: Ramsey Clark: Aggression and Violence

Within the context of criminal justice policies to deal with interpersonal and group violence, explain what you think former Attorney General Ramsey Clark meant when he said that “…justice must prevail if humans are not to be violent and aggressive toward one another.”

Please refer to the final 2 minutes or so of the Milgram video on “Human Aggression” for the specific quote; however, you should critically assess this statement – is it valid? Yes… no…. explain and justify your answer.

2. (50- 100 words) Title: Thinking about Da Bronx

Compare and contrast the relevant themes in Wilson’s chapters on community, politicians, and criminologists with those expressed in the film “Bronx, Cry for Help”, the Judge in “Why Vandalism” and the reading “Thinking about Crime”

THINK! While the film, Bronx, takes place over a several year period the point of this question is to consider the commentary presented in Wilson in terms of politicians, criminologists, and the people.

Directions: Create a thread with your name as the subject. Note… this is really meant to make your think and tie together a bunch of different themes of this class. Don’t worry about getting it right or wrong so much as making the necessary effort. We will be using these films more than once. Do your best. I will give you individual feedback on your analysis and there will be a group response as well. When you are ready to post your thread do so. After you do you will find that there labeled “WATCH ME”. Inside is a notecast with some things to think about. I will respond your posts assuming you have watched it and may reference it.

3. (50-100 words)In his book talk, David Kennedy states that, “There is no dumber organism on the planet than a young man with his friends watching. That’s what drives gang violence; not rational calculation”. Do you agree with David Kennedy’s views about gangs and gang violence? Does his view of crime contradict or correspond with situational crime prevention? (Helpful hint: Kennedy is a co-author in this week’s optional reading) Tillyer and kennedy is attached.

4. (50-100 word) Watch the Week 5 videos on drug dealing featuring David Kennedy and Stephen Levitt. Academics have spent considerable time in the inner city interacting with offenders, but have very different ideas about drugs and gangs than police officers and prosecutors. Did these researchers change your views on these topics? How?

5. (50-100 word) Most adults have witnessed a violent encounter at some point in their life. Provide an image that depicts an act of interpersonal violence that you have seen firsthand. This could be something that happened on the schoolyard, in a bar, or on the side of the highway. Be prepared to share: What started the event in motion and what factor(s) made things escalate? Does your anecdote support what you read this week in Crime and Everyday Life? Finally, what could have been done by place managers or other officials to prevent the violence?