I have completed my paper in 34 pages ..What I need from you to write 10 pages and complete the Bibliography …The Bibliography must be completed within 2 days and then I will extend time for 3 days for writting 10 pages…I will attach my paper after selecting tutor.. I will send you outline for writting 10 pages ..

Second, there are several areas within the bibliography that are missing page numbers and other things. I need to bibliography completed in its entirety. The portions of the bibliography that are missing information are highlighted making those areas easier to identity.

I would need you to read the paper as it is and add a conclusion that ties it all together. One of the comments from the editor is that I’ve ended the paper to abruptly. I need a conclusion that has various sections. I would need whatever bibliography that you create for this conclusion to be as thourou as possible.

You must conclude the thesis and complete the missing bibliography information?