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Below is some info that was written for the paper and where i am trying to go…….Cybersecurity and the government

Cybercrimes and cyber laws form pertinent trends in the modern day computer era. Based on the intrigue by the computer scientists and government laws, it is clear that security laws are weak and experts have to engage in a wider aspect on how to ensure some crimes are legitimated for instance legal hacking procedural and malware formulation (Jones, 2013). In the discussion, I found it interesting to formulate systems that can merge and create defense systems to enhance safety and security of data.

The use of the internet has resulted to improvement in various sectors for instance business, science and education. However, just like other inventions it has two sides of the coin. It has led to propagation of cybercrimes. Cybercrimes has been on rise and the threats are incredibly serious and growing. The mode of operation of cybercrime ranges from hacking, pornography, spoofing, scanners and the like. These crimes harm individuals, property, government and morality.

As a counter-measure, there is need to have laws controlling these fast paced crimes. Considering the policies and laws that govern how the cyber related crimes have been dealt with poses questions whether the government laws or policies are effective.

In US, the Wire Fraud Statute was the first law to prosecute cybercrime criminals. It was perceived that fraud was committed through communication wires. The statute was established to overcome the defrauder’s activities of exhorting money by false representation (Wagh, 2013).

In the cyber program that entails combating, the crimes have a technological and investigative competencies and partnerships. The cybercrimes have led to establishment of authorities and partnership to investigate these crimes. For instance, FBI headquarters have established a Cyber Division (Wagh, 2013).

Cybercrimes and policies to counter in most cases overlap, while desiring to keep privacy and security of individuals, the use of software malware to unearth the events for instance hacking causes the controversy of whether the policies and laws are of good faith in ensuring the vices are overcome (Patel, 2012). The group members had similar opinion in the same line, driving whether policy formulation really emerges as put in the constitution.

In dealing with this topic of cybercrime and cyber laws, the challenges encountered entailed limited literature addressing the topic. Given that criminal examinations unfurl in a domain of geographic borders, there is challenge of laws regarding cybercrime of various countries.


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