Compensating the Flexible Workforce

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Compensating the Flexible Workforce

Chapter 12 discusses the topic of compensation for the flexible workforce.

The use of temporary employees has continued to grow in the United States.

While the use of temporary employees can be beneficial for many organizations, there are some thoughts that the individuals who are employed as temporary workers should perhaps be entitled to more.

The assignment:

Use data to explain what jobs/industries are most likely to employ temporary employees in the United States.

Why are these industries/jobs utilizing temporary employees?

Explain what advantages have been gained by industries using temporary employees.

How much of the American labor force is composed of temporary employees?

What does the data say about the compensation difference between full time regular employees and temporary employees in the U.S.? How big is this gap?

Explain what possible negatives exist for individuals who are employed as temporary employees.

In your opinion –

Should limitations and/or additional requirements be imposed on the use of temporary employees? Consider pay, benefits, working conditions, job security, etc. in your response.

Why/why not?

If so, what should these limitations/requirements be?

Be sure to use data to support your conclusions. Consider this as a business decision and not a social decision.

Research and list at least three sources.

Submit your response in paragraph form.

Your submission should be between 300 and 400 words.