See attached outline…

Your memorandum should be written to Arizona Division of Emergency Management Director, Wendy Smith-Reeve, and should focus on the information she has requested.

In professional practice, your memo would be approximately two (2) single-spaced pages. I am asking you to double-space your paper for my ease of assessment. Therefore, you memo would be approximately four (4) double-spaced pages and contain:

  • Memorandum formatting. For assistance, see the Purdue OWL resources beginning at: Yes, this is single spaced. It is different than your typical academic writing. You do not need to include a cover page for this assignment as it is in memorandum format (although if you wish to practice, you may include one).
  • An introductory paragraph that offers brief general background information and establishes the issues that your paper will address and how the paper will address those issues (as a memo, be sure to write for an audience of busy decision makers – this means that you need to write concisely).
  • Discussion paragraphs that address the points (and sub-points) listed in your outline. Generally, your analysis should discuss the communication issues and make connections to the course concepts/additional scholarly or professional research on public sector communication with specific in-text citations.
  • A summative conclusion.

Use APA for your citations, quotes, and full references. Also include an APA formatted reference page (although most memos in the workplace will not include a reference page); this is not included in the two page guideline.