COM325: Final Discussions, communications homework help

Business Finance

These are two separate discussion posts not one paper. Both discussion posts need to be completed. Any references used should be in APA format and cited in the body of the posts as well as a reference section.

Group Conflict:

Your boss has asked you to lead a group of eight of your coworkers for a new project that will change several elements of your department. This is your first time in a leadership role and you anticipate that there will be a certain amount of conflict within this new group.

In 250 – 300 words, identify potential conflicts that can occur in groups. What strategies could you implement to manage the group conflict?

Workplace Conflict: (Response should be 250 – 300 words)

In Chapter 12 of the textbook, we learned about work-life conflict, explain it in your own words. Provide an example of work-life conflict and offer solutions to resolve this type of conflict.