on this assignment, go to and look around. Once you get to the home page click on “Browse Our Q & A Library” at the top. Then click on “Sexual and Reproductive Health.” Look at some of the questions that students have written in, Thoroughly explore the site. Your final product of this site visit will be a response/reaction paper of your experience there. In a one-page single-spaced paper, please complete the following:

  • Choose three questions you thought were very insightful and provided you a better understanding of human sexuality. Summarize the questions and responses.
  • Choose three of the ‘craziest’ questions that you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself. Summarize the questions and responses.
  • Would this website be beneficial to others? Explain and justify your response. If yes, is there a specific target audience (age, gender, etc.) that would benefit the most from this site?
  • Describe other reactions you had to the website content. Is there anything that may improve the site? Any other observations?