Click the link and watch these clips on Margaret Cho and choose 2 questions to answer.…

If the link does not work please let me know..


1) Cho uses comedy to discuss serious issues. Do you think this approach is effective? Why or why not?

2) Cho uses comedy to discuss culturally taboo subjects. How do you think her use of comedy allows her to approach these “unapproachable” subjects?

3) Cho talks about her own fight with acceptance by becoming someone she is not. How and why does our society create these unattainable and unrealistic ideals?

4) Cho discusses both race and gender in her comedy and the problems she has had being a Korean woman in America. How are these two issues related? How are they different?

5) Cho discusses her struggles with the demands put on her by the producers of her television show. How does this make you feel? Why have women been required to be a certain weight and body type while these same standards have not been set for men?

6) What stereotypes do we see on television (and other media) on a daily basis? What are these stereotypes telling us? How are these stereotypes creating false beliefs in our society? Relate your answer to your viewing of Cho’s work.