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the name of the song is called “the curse” by josh ritters, the 2 questions are ” what is the curse?” and “who is more cursed?” CHOOSE ONE OF THEM to write and comprehend the song. ex. “who falls in love with mummy will die.” develop the essay with 3 evidence and one reason for each evidence. Detail instruction will be in the file below. 3 pages long.


Answer each of the following discussion questions, Your answers for each question must provide enough details to support your answers. Include references in APA format.

  • Discuss each of the three steps in the Digital Forensic Examination Protocol process and describe why it is important to validate the results of evidence gathering tools.
  • As a forensic investigator, why would you want to review information located in the Window’s Registry? Include the types of information that is located in the Windows Registry in your discussion.
  • Discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of both hardware and software write-blockers. The discussion should include examples of price and performance descriptions for two hardware and two software tools. HINT: Use the list of vendors listed in chapter 6 of the textbook offering write-blocking devices.


Why are mirrors important for those who do or believe in Feng Shui? What are the roles of mirrors in most Feng Shui-related beliefs? Please provide a brief discussion, around 300 or more words.


Technology integration into the curriculum has increased in the last several years. Educational organizations have discovered that technology can be integrated into each phase of teaching: preteaching activities, teaching activities, and post-teaching activities.

In this assignment, you will concentrate on integrating technology within a unit that is not already used for a previous assignment. You will provide details on how technologies are used within the unit’s activities while describing how various other technologies might also be used to design and evaluate the same unit.

Complete the following:

  • Develop a lesson unit in APA format with the following sections:
  • Include an introduction that describes the unit’s basic purpose; the student population; and any prior knowledge, concepts, and other prerequisites that students will need to participate in the unit. Describe the current availability of and use of electronic technologies, including portable devices.
  • List all of the specific learning objectives or instructional objectives for the unit following audience, behavior, condition, and degree (ABCD) format and working with the cognitive and affective taxonomies and measurable verbs. Describe how technology will be used to help design the unit. These technologies would include printers, scanners, digital cameras, word processors, duplication services, videos, portable electronic devices, and Web 2.0 tools.
  • Include any technology that assists in the production of activity materials or presenting the activity itself. Explain how technology is used for the design, development, or implementation of learning materials.
  • Describe any hardware equipment, all software programs, and other related equipment and supplies.
  • Describe the use of these technologies, in detail, in at least 4 activities within the unit. A colleague at your site should be able to follow and implement the unit successfully based on your instructions.
  • Describe how technology will be used to assess and evaluate both cognitive and affective objectives in the unit. Identify how students will be assessed in both domains and how technology will aid in that assessment. Include technologies such as electronic grade books, tablets, smartphones, quizzes and tests graded by scanners, and instructional management systems (IMSs). Describe how these assessment tools will contribute to both the formative and summative evaluation of the unit.
  • Describe how stakeholders will receive and participate in this evaluation.
  • Describe how technology will be used to aid in disseminating evaluation results and in ongoing follow-up and collaboration with students, teachers, and other stakeholders.


Review the team report on MPBS located in the Case Study Overview.

In this assignment you are expected to recommend the most appropriate method of job evaluation to use at MPBS and support your recommendations with your rationale. Your recommendation should consider the organization’s comprehensive job structure with major occupational groups including scientific, administrative, sales, management, and technical. Your rationale must be backed up with support from the text and/or other articles you may have researched.

Your recommendations must cover the following:

  • Describe your recommended approach and the expected impact of that approach on job performance. Address key HR and compensation issues identified at MPBS.
  • Differentiate the components that would need to be included if MPBS were to use a point-based method as compared to a ranking and to a classification method.
  • Provide a list of compensable factors for a point-based method and the factor weights you would suggest if using that method.
  • Explain how your recommended method of job evaluation aligns with MPBS’s strategic focus.
  • Describe the key challenges to effective implementation of the recommended approach to job evaluation at MPBS.

To complete this assignment, write a 3–5 page report in Word format APA



plagiarism is not allowed and questions are arrenged in decending order


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Overview: For this assignment, due in Module Five, you will submit a 2–3 page draft of your historical analysis as well as your analysis of criminological theories relevant to your public policy issue in ( Drug use and juvenile crime).You will analyze the history of the public policies (related decisions, actions, laws, and or positions of both the state and federal government) related to your selected public policy issue. This draft should be as detailed as possible in order to allow the instructor to provide significant feedback, which you can incorporate into your final project.

Completing an analysis of the history of your selected public policy issue and analyzing the criminological theory that best explains the development of the public policies related to it in this milestone will lay the groundwork you for your Milestone Three submission in Module Seven, where you will identify the specific public needs that are targeted by the issue and determine how well the policy addresses those needs. You will then be examining how the policy can be changed or improved upon to continue to address the identified need and how these changes can be accomplished while at the same time improving upon the delivery of necessary criminal justice services.

Prompt: Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Historical Analysis: To inform your recommendations for the departmental public policy, you will analyze the history of the selected public policy issue, identifying key influential trends, and predict the potential future direction of the state or federal policies in supporting this issue. Specifically: a) Identify key trends, both modern and historical, that have shaped the evolution of the state or federal public policies surrounding your selected public policy issue, justifying your identifications. How have the policies around this issue evolved, and what trends have influenced this evolution? b) Identify court cases that have shaped the evolution of the public policies related to your chosen public policy issue, justifying your identifications. c) How have the previously identified historical events impacted the public’s perception of the relevant state or federal public policies? Provide specific examples. How has public perception evolved in relation to these specified events? d) Predict the potential future direction of the state or federal public policies based on the previously identified historical and modern trends. How might the state or federal public policy continue to evolve?

II. Criminological Theory: Now that you have analyzed the related state or federal public policies, you will analyze relevant criminological theory. a) Select a criminological theory that best explains the development of the public policies related to the issue, justifying your selection. Consider how the theory explains the previously identified influence of the trends or court cases on the development of the policies. b) Draw connections between the selected criminological theory and the departmental policy. Where are there specific connections between the theory and the departmental policy? c) Draw connections between the selected criminological theory and the related state or federal public policies. Where are there specific connections between the theory and the selected state or federal policies?

Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your submission needs to be 2–3 pages in length (excluding reference pages), double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, oneinch margins, and citations in APA style. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.