answer the questions


  1. What are the two different styles of Leadership?
  2. Name 3 of the Exemplary Practices of Leadership?

Business Functions and Organizational Structure

1. Name 3 different Business Functions.

2. Define responsibilities and aspects of 2 business functions.

Teams and Conflict Resolution

  1. How do you define team?
  2. What are 5 characteristics of an effective team?


1. What are three of the components of an effective resume?

2. Name two different types of resume styles or formats and explain the differences.

Business Mission

  1. What are two of the types of values a mission statement could include?
  2. How long should a mission statement be?

Organizational Culture

  1. How do you define organizational culture?
  2. What are two of the components or characteristics of a company that shape their organizational culture?

Organizational Structure

  1. Name three different types of organizational structures?
  2. Define the hierarchical organizational structure? Provide an example.

Team Dynamics
1. What are the stages of team formation?
2. How do you measure team performance?

Business Ethics

  1. What are business ethics?
  2. Name two categories of business ethics?

Business Leadership Course

  1. What is one of the objectives of the business leadership course?
  2. What are five of the topics covered in the business leadership course?